Civil War Battle Project

You are to become an expert on a Civil War Battle and will be randomly assigned a battle that you will research and create a PowerPoint Presentation to share with the class. The following are instructions on what your presentation must have…

PowerPoint Presentation (At least 8 slides – HONORS 9 slides…)

Example – The Battle of Sailor’s Creek

Slide 1 – Title and your name and class period

Slide 2 – When & where your battle was fought (include a map)

Slide 3 – Leadership (who were the generals from each side – include a picture/painting of the battle)

Slide 4 – Battle summary (describe the battle)

Slide 5 – Casualties (killed and wounded on each side)

Slide 6 – Victor (who won – include an interesting fact about the battle)

Slide 7 – Aftermath or importance of the battle (include a picture of the battlefield)

Slide 8 – References (Where did you find your information? Include links to websites you use for pictures and information…)

*If you include multimedia (video clip, etc.), place it on an extra slide at the end “Slide 9,” and make sure it is something short that would add to your presentation but not make it too long…) HONORS must add a multimedia slide 9!